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Alright, so I have one more question, and then I will stop bothering you. How come Nicky Dowe's face was never shown in generation 1? Was there a specific reason for that? Or is that something that'll be shown later? from phyrcracker93

I don’t mind questions! ^_^

And yep, she was supposed to be this mysterious figure. It’s a bit hard to explain… like… the movies where you don’t always see all of the monster or whatnot. Like the book covers that show the lower half of a woman’s face. So your imagination takes over more than her looks. She was beautiful and perfect in Jacob’s eyes but was she aesthetically pleasing to others? Up to you to decide! :3

And we will never see her. In gen three I lost everything. All my saves, all my sims. I had to start form scratch. I downloaded Jacob, Cal, Penny, Jay, Luna, Tempest, Orion, and Kyle. I had to remake Kay which wasn’t too hard. I had to remake Kellen which was a bit difficult. I think I had to remake Milla too? That’s way in gen three there’s that chapter where Kenyatta dies, Cal and Penny move, and lots of changes happen—because I literally lost everything :\ and that included Nicky. Sorry >_<

For angelblue007's BC!

Meet… Lupin Fig! Beneath those sleepy eyes lays a man who loves to work out and may get a bit overly excited about things, but he’s quite the nice guy.

Traits: athletic, disciplined, friendly, excitable, daredevil

LTW: Martial Arts Master

Favorites: Color - Pink, Food - Hamburger, Music - Chinese

I forget what all EPs/SPs I used but I made sure to only use the ones you have. WA, Town Life, Master Suite, Seasons, Supernatural, University, and Late Night were all used for sure.

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