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ANY hints of what the new story might be like? im so excited sorry. i love your writing and was sad falling colors was canceled but i understand why you did. hope youre feeling better xoxo from Anonymous

Aw thanks dear <3

And oookay I’ll give you guys a previewish. This is from the page I have made to list the name of the cities in this world since they won’t have the ‘exact’ names that they do.

Lucidus is Latin for “Bright”. All city names are derived from Latin and most first names of characters are also Latin.


Dracovallis = capitol of Lucidus. Dragon Valley (Draco = dragon vallis = valley)

Noctcava = biggest city in northern Lucidus. Midnight Hollow (Noctis = night cava = hollow)

Solancra = biggest city in western Lucidus. Sunset Valley (Sol = sun ancra = valley)

Equorva = biggest city in eastern Lucidus. Appaloosa Plains (Equo = horse arva = plain/fields)

Geminarivus = biggest city in southern Lucidus. Twinbrook (Gemina = twin rivus = stream/brook)

is your old (discontinued) rainbowcy ditft still online? the harvest moon one? i'd really like to read what you'd written. :) from Anonymous

Sure! I’s about eight chapters in I think. I never deleted any of it.

The prologue is here.

Not sure the best way to navigate besides hitting the next post thingie at the bottom of each update. I never did get a chapter list written out.

I'm looking forward to seeing what your new story is about and reading it. any hints? from Anonymous

It’s very different from my other stories. Very different. Though not sure how different… it’s hard to tell, for me—since I’m the author.  The pictures will be different too. But I hope it is all a good different.

how many kids in all was Romance going to have? And was the son, jr, going to be born by himself (as not a twin or triplet)? from Anonymous

Junior was going to be single and the other pregnancies would have been left up to the game. Romance and Lucky were both going to have the frtility treatment so they probably would have had multiples.

are you writing that other story you mentioned? from Anonymous

Yeah I’ve been working it. I showed it to some friends who said I should pursue it/write it so it will be a legacy. I might start publishing it before I get back to Danevbies or PB but we’ll see how things go.

I know dragonpyromania suggested I keep it to myself and have it be a personal story to go to if I needed, which I did consider (and thank you for that suggestion <3) but I think I do want to make it into a legacy because when I write for myself I never finish anything and I really want to finish this story a lot… and I might even have it be something to maybe become a real story someday, maybe—or at least have the world/setting be something like that.

i hope your feeling well. pls dont take this to be rude im just rly curious when will you be updating again? from Anonymous

Thank you, it’s not rude at all ^^ I’m… working on feeling better, I guess would be the best way to describe it. As for updates I honestly have no idea. I’ve not really been able to write Danevbies or PB (or Dannings). I have a couple chapters of Danevbies and PB already written but I don’t want to start putting updates out until I am ready to write for them again. :\ and my confidence is pretty much nil right now—especially for Danevbies since Zaid’s story goes very dark pretty much right where I am writing so… it’s difficult for me to feel like I can write it well enough right now and I don’t want to force it.