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I love this. Lol you could call it readers tears.

LOL!!!!!!! I should sell tissues too. I put my readers through so much despair. I don’t know how you guys put up with my soul-crushing-heart-wrenching-tear-inducing self!!!

Zaid’s gen is gonna be so bad

Feeling incredibly sick so probably won’t do ask the cast stuff tonight. -_- I might be able to write though… I am trying not to progress Polychromeward more than it should. It’s so hard though. I want family stuff. I want baaaabbbiiies. Pretty berry babies!

But since a lot of the plot stuff doesn’t happen until after his marriage, I should be able to sort of push through several in-story months. Get a bit closer.

I love your friendship with Cawthorne it's so sweet it gives me cavities. from Anonymous

Eehehehe thank you <3 I love my friendship too. cawthorntales is one awesome guy!

Maybe I should sell toothpaste! ;D

What are your favourite stories and legacies? from Anonymous

Oops didn’t see this earlier I am sorry >__<;

Here you go!

The list is under construction right now because I am so behind in things, plus lazy. I need to update it soonish.

Also there are no simblr stories/legacies on that list.




The RT/AH fandom is slowly taking over more and more tumblr posts and I love it

Okay, seriously. Who is Gavin?

I remember being so confused seeing the Gavin Screaming things on tumblr BUT NOW I KNOWWWWWWWW and my life is 3839028085 times better for it!

Dannings is on break?! Damn. its cool, we understand… damn :(

Yeah, I’m really sorry, it was a difficult decision. Shadows is partially on break but only cause it will be another week before a chapter comes out.

I am really hoping I am able to get my room cleaned and back before the month ends though! So hopefully only two weeksish but I can’t promise that.